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"American Cheese"

From a strip mall just outside Des Moines
To a trendy shop in L.A.
The latest variation of
The American Dream is on display
It may be a talking fish
Or a pair of shoes from Mars
Itís all made in China but
Weíre proud to call it ours

Itís a way of living
Wasting all of your time
This here slab of American Cheese is mine

Itís in all our movies
Our music videos and T.V.
And our computer software
That crashes so reliably and frequently
Itís all around us
In our homes & SUVs
Maybe Regis Philbiníll
Hand a million bucks to me

Itís a way of life
And I know we stole that too
But this steaming pile of American Cheese is for you

Itís in every meal we eat
Yet the world is at our feet
This American Cheese is for you and me

Ze French like Jerry
Der Germans dig F.Z.
But me?
A life-line to Rosie OíD-D-D...

Lyrics (c) 2000 by Pink Bob


Copyright 1984-2003 by The Sediments.
Last update: November 23, 2003

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