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"Count Me Out"

It’s very simple mathematics
One and one is twenty-four
At least according to fanatics
Marketing their latest war

Strictly professional
Men without fear
‘Cept when it came their turn
To fight in younger years
Now, of course, they’re old pros
With battle-hardened desks
Sacrificing kids for votes
Come time to re-elect...

Who can blame ‘em, though,
It’s working
Like it’s always worked before
Ignore the man behind the curtain
Watch the Gallop numbers soar

Armies of spin doctors
Go on the attack
Legions of pollsters
Tabulate how we’ll react
Not a thing left to chance
As tidy as could be
They got the best camera angles
Ready for TV
Some lovely bullshit quotes on file
To feed to the A.P.
And we’ll lap it all up,
Shrug our shoulders and say
“C’est la vie...”

The figurehead says he’s just trying
To make our world all safe and sound
You wouldn’t know for all the dying
I guess it’s peaceful six feet down...

Count me out
Count me out
Don’t want any more
Playing games with war
Don’t need any more
Petro-religious wars

Lyrics (c) 2003 by Pink Bob


Copyright 1984-2003 by The Sediments.
Last update: November 23, 2003

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