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"Democracy Inaction"

Unfurl the flags
strike up the bands
The hopeful candidates
Are fanned out all across the land
All phony smiles, Armani suits,
And speeches from a can
Passin' out pork
With all four hands

The good news is one'll lose
But the sin is one'll win
And in four years
We'll close our ears
And do it all again

Democracy Inaction
Nobody cares
Democracy Inaction
'Less they're caught in an affair
Democracy Inaction
I don't mean to stare
But the one thing I gotta know:
Is that your real hair?

The spin guys are all spinnin'
To everyone in sight
Even when their guy fucks up
He somehow lands upright
"Folks, the opposition
Doesn't understand your plight
Their candidate drinks Sterno
And is higher than a kite"

I guess we get what we deserve
And it isn't very much
Vacuous baby kissers
Completely out of touch

Democracy Inaction
His mind's as blank as can be
Democracy Inaction
But he looks good on TV
Democracy Inaction
Leaves a bad taste in your throat
That’s why no one pays attention
When they vote

And we’re so apathetic
We wonder why
100,000,000 votes
Could end in a tie
18 months and it’s come to this
On the one hand he sighed
Then again, there was the kiss

The lawyers say this one lost
And the other bastard won
It doesn’t matter anyway
We’d vote for anyone

Democracy Inaction
America stands proud
Democracy Inaction
Clueless and loud
Democracy Inaction
Made for T.V.
Hey, there’s no reason
For you to get
So snippy with me...

Lyrics (c) 2000 by Pink Bob


Copyright 1984-2003 by The Sediments.
Last update: November 23, 2003

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