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"Destination Nome"

I feel like I知 slowly drowning
In this Midwestern air
My friends think I知 joking but
Come next July I won稚 be here
I値l pack up all my stuff in that old Ford van
Toss in the cat and seek out home
Drive as far as roads値l go
And then it痴 destination Nome

I値l take my chances and
Tackle the unknown
Workin freelance I値l just
Send it in by phone
Once I reach destination Nome

My brother in Juneau told me
Stay as long as you want
Set me up as a manager
In one of his chain restaurants
But that壇 be like trading jail for prison
And I want the path less flown
Hire a plane from Anchorage
And tell 粗m destination Nome

Econoline escaping
Eight cylinder drone
To hell with Juneau
I just simply want to be alone
Final destination Nome

I知 sick of the heartland and
its dull monotone
A fish out of water, hell,
More like a duck with a sousaphone
Quack! Quack! Destination Nome...

Lyrics (c) 2001 by Pink Bob


Copyright 1984-2003 by The Sediments.
Last update: November 23, 2003

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