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"Goodnight Afghanistan"

It’s a different world
Or so they tell us
Ain’t it amazing
The crap they sell us
Playin’ us fools
Like concert cellists
Yo Yo Ma should
Prob’ly be jealous
We’re under attack
In the land of the free
So we take who we want
And do as we please
Lock ‘em away
And swallow the key
You’re unpatriotic
If you don’t agree
Lies are like boulders
Truth is a feather
They plummet quickly
When tethered together
Yet we’re behaving
The same as ever
Just shoot first
And ask questions never
Big Brother’s more
Than alive and well
He’s taken charge
And he’s mad as hell
Reality’s spun
Like a carousel
Seems the whole world
Is under his spell

When will we learn
Politicians and generals
Just don’t care about
Anyone but themselves
Goodnight Afghanistan,
It’s been swell...

Dateline Cuba, Guantanamo Bay
We’re busy makin’ Castro
Look like Doris Day
Who’s being held?
Well, the feds won’t say
But they’re settling in for a very long stay
Guilty as uncharged or innocent schmoes
Looks like we may never know
The Bill of Rights gets a big heave-ho
Guess they’re guilty
Just because we say so
Rumsfeld grins and flippantly jests
The gentlemen are nothing
But military guests
Ashcroft crows ‘bout his latest arrest
In front of purple drapes
‘Cause he’s afraid of breasts
Powell’s forbidden to make a sound
Cheney’s in a bunker deep underground
Opinion polls must be runnin’ the nation
‘Cos Bush is playin’ golf
On another vacation

The worst of it all is nobody cares
To question the constitution
Centered in the crosshairs
We’re all frightened—do what you will
We’ll send approval—you send the bill
Read read all our email
Hide in our closets
Scrutinize our phone calls
And our bank deposits
Tell Johnny Ashcroft not to be shy
Send the gas man from the FBI
They came for the Japs during WW II
Then they came for the commies
Then right on cue they came for the
Hippies & the darkies with their goons
Next thing you know
They’ll come gunnin’ for you

But why get upset?
It’s just the stuff you see on TV
Goodnight Afghanistan,
Now you’re free!

Lyrics (c) 2002 by Pink Bob


Copyright 1984-2003 by The Sediments.
Last update: November 23, 2003

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