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"The Good Old Days"

We’re all getting older
As time marches on
We don’t want to admit it
But soon we’ll all be gone
Another generation
Comes along to take our place
And we become the footnotes
Of the human race
We mumble “What’s the use
We’re tired of this game”
We stumble down Memory Court
‘Cause we can’t find Memory Lane
Purveyors of nostalgia
Pour it up—we drink it down
Movies, songs & TV shows that
Sucked the first time ‘round

The Flintstones, Charlie’s Angels
Three’s Company and Maude
There’s a rumor REO and Styx
Are coming to our town
I swear to god!

Be still, oh heart,
Unfettered glee!
Charlton Heston

Worthless junk gets put on walls these days
In bars and restaurants instead of thrown away
Rusty signs and broken saxophones
And faded photographs of folks that no one knows
Some dirty football pants
A tennis racket and
If you’re not lucky
An athletic supporter

Now they must think that
All this shit sells food
And drinks as if a jock
Would put you in the mood
Melon crates with suggestive names
And a photo of Castro and Ernest Hemingway
Ain’t it just enough to make you
Order a beer
And some nuclear hot wings...

Looks like the marketers
Know what we’re about
Just dangle fragments of our past
And the credit cards come out
They’re only businessmen
Feeding on our doubt
So detached from the present
I guess it’s our own fault...

Another lame compilation disc
Of all the One-Hit Wonders’ hits
Hair bands — Soft rock
Love songs — Hip hop
An eighties sampler with Billy Joel
The Eurhythmics and Flock of Seagulls
Order before midnight tonight

The songs that bugged you back in the day
Are somehow startin’ to sound ok
As the kids scream
The phone beeps
The cat just puked
And the dog’s breath reeks
A nice collage of two-bar hooks
They got you reaching for your pocketbook
A truck’ll bring it right up to your door
Not available in any store
But wait—hey guess what, there’s even more
A bonus disc you also can ignore

We’re in a hurry
But going nowhere
Stuck in the past
As if the future weren’t there
Buying wrinkle cream
And dying our hair

One last broadcast...

Then off to bed
Nostalgia in your head
Good night—Sleep tight

The Beatles’ “1” on your mind
‘Cause Sgt. Pepper
Just takes too much time
Good night—Sleep tight...

Lyrics (c) 2001 by Pink Bob


Copyright 1984-2003 by The Sediments.
Last update: November 23, 2003

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