The Sediments


April 21, 2004

Live at Martyrs, Chicago IL

NEIL INNES: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Backpacker, Comedy
"RUTLING" KEN THORNTON: Magic Guitar, Backing Vocals
"VET" KEN SIMPSON: Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
CLAY THOMPSON: Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
TOM SPARROW: Percussion
PINK BOB: Keyboards, Claves, Ukulele, Trumpet & Fishbowl

Photos by Tim Smith; Scanned & tweaked by Pink Bob
Neil's Paper Solo "I Learned This
From Barry Wom!"
Pink & the Fishbowl Neil Innes & Friends
Vet Ken!!! Tom "Ickybaby" Sparrow John and Clay Urban Spaceman
Video Cameras & Band NIaF (John obscured) Neil and Friends NIaF from the side
Another band shot NIaF minus a few... Pink Bob & Clay Underwater Trumpet
Ken, Clay & Neil The Kens and Neil Neil Innes!!! Another one of Neil
Neil Tom, Pink & Clay Side View of band Clay & Pink Bob
The Kens and Tom Ken & Neil w/Pink Rutling Ken and Tom Neil, Clay and Pink

Photos (c) 2004 by Tim Smith and Neil Innes.


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