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"The New Rome Burns"

More and more each day it’s everyone for themselves
And anybody else can go straight to hell
None for all and all for me is all that we ask
Is it any wonder we all get it up the ass
You see, we’re all just rookies and the guys with all the skill
Are sittin’ in their boardrooms or on Capital Hill
Cookin’ books and writin’ laws and eatin’ up their fill
Then heading for the crapper while we meekly pay the bill

But we’re so busy grubbing
For all that we can get
All we got is nothing
But we haven’t noticed yet
Queuing up like lemmings
Awaiting our turn
Tunin’ up the fiddle strings
While the New Rome burns

You’d better get it moving; get your butt off to work
‘Cause a cubicle somewhere's missing their Alpha Jerk
Play the game as only you play—all bets are off
Stab some backs & maybe score some points with the boss

Flying towards home
All in a snit
Screaming in a cell phone
And driving like shit
Weaving like a drunkard
Missin’ all your turns
Swearing at the truckers
While the New Rome burns

Suburbia is whole again now that you’re back
A house, a wife, two SUVs and three spoiled brats
A normal, healthy family, all safe in their cocoon
Each of them alone in a separate room

The world about you’s crumbling
Not that you’d care
The ground beneath you’s rumbling
But please don’t despair
Nothing seems the matter
That you can discern
It’s hardly worth the bother
As the New Rome burns

Terrorists and psychics, phone cards and spam
Get rich quick, enlarge your dick & check out our web cam
It’s a brave new world so jump in
Forget all that you’ve learned
Break out the marshmallows while the New Rome burns
Make yourself at home and put your feet on the sofa
Enjoy a trendy beverage and maybe go Yaffa
All these things to which we cling simply confirm
We’re fueling the fire as the New Rome burns
There is no long term, yeah
The New Rome burns
Watch your toga as The New Rome burns
Just a U-Turn as The New Rome burns
No one gotta bucket as The New Rome burns...

Lyrics (c) 2002 by Pink Bob


Copyright 1984-2003 by The Sediments.
Last update: November 23, 2003

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