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Spin Magazine 1986 Short Takes had this to say about "Capitalism Inc." in their "Short Takes" column in 1986:
"Zappa-esque fol-de-rol...that has nothing to do with supply-side economics."

From a review of Passed Normal Vol. 5 in Facelift magazine, issue 11:
Highlight is the superb "Spelunker's Theme" by a guitar duo (sic) called The Sediments (whose cassette release on FOT was actually marketed with a one dollar bribe!), best described as Summers/Fripp with bite.

Mother Mike of Mother Murphy's Rock 'n' Roll Emporium had this to say about 'Liars, Cheats & Acid Freaks':
"Damn, Pink, I'm glad I'm on your good side!!!".

Finally, LISTEN.COM had this opinion:
"The Sediments are a Jam Rock '70s sounding groove band with anachronistic synthesizers and a political edge. Well, maybe not an edge at all. More like a political side."

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