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This page used to contain links to endless hours of mp3 files recorded over the last two-plus decades, but since were total idiots and they ended up being owned by Vivendi Univeral, who were BEYOND total idiots to the point that they gave total idiots an undeservedly bad name, the site has now folded. Oh well. Does anybody have a few gigabytes of web space with unlimited bandwidth they'd like to let us use??? ;->

So, without links, the following bands are very closely related to The Sediments:

The Dits (most contributors to The Seds have played with this band as well; Scott Lucas and Pink Bob are the main members)
Shmaz (short-lived early-'80s avant circus-rock band from whence The Sediments came)
Buttertown (with Mel Gubser, Scott Lucas, Clay Thompson, Pink Bob and Andy Schiltz)
Geoff Beran (Seds guitarist Ken Thornton and drummer Tom Sparrow are in Geoff's band)
The Rutles (Ken Thornton has played guitar for recent live gigs and worked with Neil Innes)
Von Frickle (Ken's in this Crimson-influenced space rock band as well; does he ever sleep?)
The Something Bros. (Late '80s/ealry '90s pre-"Alternative" big band included Tommy O'Donnell)
Spelunkers (Included O'Donnell and bassist Clay Thompson, who was briefly a Sediment)
Tiny Tim (Yes, The Seds recorded half an album with the '60s icon...)
Voodoo Mark (Made three cassettes--two actually released--with Seds member involvement)
Stumpwhoopt (Scott Lucas is their drummer; other members have made or will soon make Seds cameos)

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