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"Spoon-Fed Fred"

It's 6 AM in the morning and
Spoon-Fed Fred is fresh out of his bed
Some Maxwell House for Mr. Coffee and
Some Head and Shoulders for his flaky head
Katie Couric's on the TV set
With Matt Lauher and his freakish hair
Fred makes his way to his Toyota and
He heads to work completely unaware

That nothing notable will happen there
For Spoon-Fed Fred nothing ever does
If it did there'd still be no reaction
He's the Best Consumer that there ever was

Fred bought Hootie and the Blowfish
Not just once, he actually bought 'em twice
He's a fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber
And has read everything by Anne Rice
He watches all the dramas on the TV set
And all the stupid sit-coms, too
Spoon-Fed Fred bought the first Boogie Bass
And got one for his brother No-Clue Lou

Spoon-Fed Fred uses Crest on his teeth
For his feet there's Dr. Scholl's
He always uses Charmin to wipe his ass
And Kleenex to wipes his nose
Spoon-Fed Fred
Heads to bed
To do it all
Once again...

It's 6 AM in the morning and
Spoon-Fed Fred is at it once again
He sleep-walks his way through another day
The advertising industry's best friend

Lyrics (c) 2000 by Pink Bob


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Last update: November 23, 2003

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