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THE SEDIMENTS' Ukulele Chord Book

Select any key or chord type; the "Next" button cycles through various fingerings!
Written in Java by Pink Bob, April 1997.

TUNING: G - C - E - A
LEGEND:  x = muted string
         o = open string
         numbers to the left of the chord are fret numbers...

Hint: the chords are sorted according to placement on the neck: chords closest to the nut are listed first.

Another hint: you can use your index finger as a "bar" for all chords that have a fret number listed to the left of the chord. To get a feel for this, play Am7/Bbm7/Am7/Bbm7/etc. over and over again using ONLY your index finger (Am7 is all strings open; Bbm7 is all strings on the 1st fret.) The "bar" finger always goes ONE FRET BELOW the fret listed to the left of the chord. Since the Bbm7 shows "2" to the left of the chord, lay your index finger across the whole neck right behind the 1st fret...

Warning: the over 600 chords in this chord book are computed from templates and transposed to the proper frets. Some of the chords (especially on the higher frets) are nearly impossible to play. If you run into one of these, hopefully the program will also provide easier fingerings on lower frets...

  Copyright 1984-2003 by The Sediments.
Last update: November 23, 2003

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